Lom for sale!

I need to downsize my equipment, so....
AVL 40" Basic Modular Loom for sale!
40"weaving width, 4 harnesses (more can be added), 6 treadles, side tie-up
String heddles
40”bottom-swing beater
40"single box flyshuttle beater, to attach or not (not pictured)
40”regular warp beam
40”1/2-yard sectional warp beam
Tension box with track and mounting system for warping (not pictured) to attach only when warping sectional beam
End-feed Flyshuttle with bobbin (not pictured)
AVL warp tension system & AVL locking brake system
Original instruction/maintenance binder
AVL Loom bench
Value is $4694 at AVL current catalogue prices.
I will sell all for $2500. Pick up in McPherson, KS or contact me.

Weaving Width: 40”; 
Height: 62”; 
Overall Width: 52”; 
Front to Back: 48”  (28” folded);
Number of Harnesses: 4 (more can be added);
Weight: 250 lbs

Ann Haritatos

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