bookmark cards

I weave them one by one.

They can be sent as a card and hung on the wall.
Or the bookmarks can easily be detached from the card
and hold your place in a book.


finished the shawl last week

I finished the shawl last Tuesday. The weft, about 9 p.p.i., is Henry's Attic "Queen Anne's Lace." The warp is about 11 different yarns from my stash. I might go back and twist the fringe. Right now, it is in the gallery of the Visual Arts Alliance of McPherson.


still weaving that shawl

I'm still weaving that shawl, but I've been sidetracked a lot. Will post photos soon.


another shawl in the works

Finally, I began another shawl last weekend...


I attached my handwoven bookmarks to cards, which can be mailed in a business-sized envelope. The bookmarks are easily detached. Three have already sold at the Visual Arts Alliance of McPherson gallery. I'm eager to make a few more.