handwoven ornaments

I had fun playing with my antique "Loomette" loom. It's interesting to see how various yarn textures and varigated yarns work as the strand winds back and forth.

After taking this photo (above), I wet-finished it, which made it "snug-up" and more stable.

There is an error on this one (above) because I missed a peg, so I'll redo it.


more mugrugs...

Here's what I have been up to the last couple of days. They are for a friend's shop. Fun to do!


more handwoven bookmarks

Just finished a new group of handwoven bookmarks mounted on cards. The new ones are on slightly smaller cards that just fit into legal-size envelopes, which are included. The bookmark can be removed from the card by simply untying the ties. Light-colored paper inside provides a place to write a message.


first sample off-loom bookmark

My first sample bookmark for an off-loom weaving class for high school students. This was woven on a frame loom made of 14" x 14" stretcher bars. Still not sure if knotting the fringe or hemstitching is the best way to finish it off. It's fun to try different yarn combinations and the sky is the limit here.


Weaving off-loom bookmark samples for a 3-hour weaving workshop for high school kids. It's been years since I've taught anybody anything! Very interesting!