my weavings in the VAAM gallery

My weavings are displayed with the floor cloth by Michaela Groeblacher, McPherson, and glass by Rick Garnett, Buhler, and wall hanging (above) by Susan Shepard, McPherson. This display was designed by fiber artist Shin-hee Chin. This is all part of "Fiber Art: Form and Function - Invitiational" at the VAAM Gallery, McPherson. Be sure to see the wonderful array of fiber art on display. The entire show was hung by Betty Jo Houchen, Elizabeth Liljegren, David Brock, and Shin-hee Chin.


Finally! I finished weaving, knotted, and washed the shawl that I warped last June! The new Fiber Invitational Show has just been hung in the VAAM gallery today, but I don't have photos of the show taken or posted yet. My shawl (or is it a wrap?) has found a home there, along with the Blues #2 scarf. Photos will follow soon. Stay tuned. Hopefully tomorrow!


Blues #2 scarf from the blues warp

The scarf is off the loom, this time with a different weft combination. I was trying to keep on task to get the fringe twisted—tedious. Here, one side is twisted and the other is about to be twisted.

Finally, all the fringe is twisted. The scarf is washed
and lays out to dry along the edge of my diningroom table.
It's longer than the table, so the fringe hangs off the side.