Yarns become scarf...

The 60" scarf is finished, washed, and drying flat on my diningroom table. Tomorrow it will view the world from its post in the Visual Arts Alliance of McPherson (VAAM) Gallery.


Art in the Garden, Saturday, June 21

Yes, this is me at Art in the Garden on Saturday.

Lori Martin-Price, who makes jewelry, was in the same garden as I was.

Wayne Conyers also displayed his pottery in the same garden.

Wayne integrated his pottery in the landscape.

This is a huge and beautiful garden overlooking a small lake. Wish I had photos of the other five gardens on the tour too!

Back at home...

Yes, I did get the loom warped and even wove this much at the garden! Alas, I never did get the shawl woven, or even start the weaving. But it is warped up, ready to begin.


Another project underway

Last Saturday, I took my turn "minding the store" at the VAAM Gallery. While I was there, I wound another warp to put on the smaller portable loom. I set up my warping board right next to a display case full of Susan Shepard's beautiful jewelry. I hope to bring the small loom and weave this warp in the garden I will be in during "Art in the Garden" on Saturday, June 21. As of today, the warp is almost ready to wind on the back beam of the loom. A photo is coming...

Winding warp on the warping board...

More yarn from my stash.

Finally, ready to weave

Note the Christmas wrapping paper
between layers of warp.
Hope the red doesn't rub off!

Ready to go...



Yes! I really do have the shawl warp on the loom now. The heddles are threaded, and last night, I got all 8 yards or so of warp wound on the back beam. I ran out of corrogated paper to use on the back beam, so I used wide, red Christmas wrapping paper straight from the roll. It should be fine, I think, as long as it doesn't get wet while it's wound up with all that cream-colored yarn. (Now, how could it get wet?) Tonight, I tied the other end of the warp on to the front apron bar! It should be about 30 inches wide. There will be a photo tomorrow.


what I'm up to now...

I gathered up eight cotton and cotton-linen yarns from my stash to make some shawls.

Close-up of the yarns, measured and wound in chains, and ready for the loom.

Each pair of two yarns is on separate lease sticks.

Sunday night, I finished slaying the reed with four of the eight yarns. Maybe I can do the other four yarns tonight? Better get to work! I'd like to have at least one shawl finished for the VAAM Art in the Garden on June 21.
Will I make it?