shawl #1 is finished...

Shawl #1 is finished and on display
at the Visual Arts Alliance of McPherson gallery
with a necklace by Susan Shepard.

Just before I cut it off the loom


The winding on...

I kept the warp chains separate as I wound on...

It was very slow.

I ran out of packing paper for the warp on the back beam,
so I used red Christmas wrapping paper,
which seemed to work OK last time.
Finally, the multi-texture shawl warp is wound on the loom.
All set to begin weaving, but first,
need to choose the weft.


Tying on...

Tying on 11 different yarns of the new shawl warp, 32 ends of each, onto the tiny ends of what's left of the old shawl warp, then pulling the new warp ends through the reed.

Separate warp chains for each of the 11 different yarns


still working on warps

Last weekend I finished winding the scarf warp, and now I'm working on a shawl warp using 11 different yarns from my stash. I love texture and variety, and this will have lots of both. Texture and variety, like Life.


just for fun...

Just for fun, here is my fuzzy mug rug.

Needed to finish off a group of mug rugs so that I could warp this loom with scarves. The other mug rugs from this group are pretty normal. It was fun to try a weft I had never considered before...


new warps in the works...

I'm working out some new warps for shawls and scarves. No photos yet. Has it really been that long since my last post? Where did August go?


pin weaving

Last Saturday, I finally tried something that I've been curious about: pin weaving!


Been weaving...

Been weaving, but no photos yet. Coming soon.


collage fun

A small collage I did today in Andrea Fuhrman's Mixed Media Workshop, sponsored by the Visual Arts Alliance of McPherson. It was so much fun!
Here's another bigger one:

"Weekly Routine"


winding a skein into balls

Saturday, while I worked my turn at the VAAM gallery, I wound this skein into balls. I don't remember where I got this skein or who dyed it, but the colors are so beautiful, I wanted to have lots of photos to remember it by. I probably will like it more as a skein than whatever I will weave out out of it (?!??). Warning: more photos of this skein are coming! I really must learn to dye my own.

It's all wound into these two neat balls.


The short wrap (fringed shrug?) shown with Susan Shepard's beautiful necklace.


Finally wove off the scarf (or is it a small wrap?) and cut it off the loom tonight. Now, for the knotting.... On Saturday, I'll be helping with a watercolor painting workshop taught by Carolyn Loutzenhiser, sponsored by the Visual Arts Alliance of McPherson. Something completely new for me!


I'm back to my loom with the leftover shawl warp. Don't know how much is still there, but probably not enough for another shawl...maybe a 30" square? A table shawl? We'll see.


I've been curious to try this little "Loomette" given to me almost 15 years ago by Cher Olson. After carrying it around so many times and saying I'm going to make time for this—yesterday, I finally did it.

After using floor looms, weaving on this tiny little loom was so interesting. I'm not even sure I did this correctly, but I finished the little square, removed it from the loom, and it didn't fall apart! Now, for yarn variations and uses for the little squares!


David Brock made this nice rack for displaying scarves.


back at the loom

I'm back to weaving wool scarves before it gets too warm to wear them. This yarn is from Brown Sheep Wool.


New materials to play with

Had a birthday recently and received delicious new papers and ribbons to experiment with...


Giving thanks...

I've been playing with card-making. I love texture, fiber, and paper, and wanted to send thank you notes that were more personal than mass-produced cards. These designs are made with a stamp by Hero Arts. I used the same stamp on cards I sent at Thanksgiving. Giving thanks...year around!