cotton/silk scarf series

These are on currently on display at the Visual Arts Alliance of McPherson (VAAM) Gallery in McPherson, Kansas. This series of cotton and silk scarves all have the same warp, but each has a different weft. The one on the left has a contrast weft at the opposite end (at the back of the display) which echoes the band in the front. The scarf second to the left was sold today.

This is a runner which is fan-folded atop the four scarves, making an interesting display that I never would have thought of. The runner is all cotton, weft and warp.


what I'm working on...

This is what I'm working on right now. The warp is Brown Sheep Wool from Nebraska and the weft is a variegated rayon space-dye. As you can see, I will need to refill my bobbin. Actually there is another scarf already woven on the cloth beam, but I haven't cut if off. The weft for that is a teal wool also Brown Sheep Wool.

Hope you visit my blog for the Visual Arts Alliance of McPherson (VAAM) http://visualartsallianceofmcpherson.blogspot.com/

I spend more time posting to that blog than I do on this one, but I plan to post more often here in the future.