Trying to post from an iPad...

I am experimenting to see how I could update my blog from my current location away from home. There must be an easier way to do this with an iPad. This is what I started weaving before I left on my trip.


thinking about rigid heddle looms...

Since I am now temporarily away from home and my other looms (!) and my yarn (!) I am thinking about getting a small rigid heddle loom and learning more about it! Of course if I did, I'd have to get a bit of yarn too! Hmmmm....

Loom has found a good home

The loom I had for sale has now found a good home. I was not using all its capabilities, so I'm glad that I was able to pass it along to another weaver who will use and enjoy it!


Lom for sale!

I need to downsize my equipment, so....
AVL 40" Basic Modular Loom for sale!
40"weaving width, 4 harnesses (more can be added), 6 treadles, side tie-up
String heddles
40”bottom-swing beater
40"single box flyshuttle beater, to attach or not (not pictured)
40”regular warp beam
40”1/2-yard sectional warp beam
Tension box with track and mounting system for warping (not pictured) to attach only when warping sectional beam
End-feed Flyshuttle with bobbin (not pictured)
AVL warp tension system & AVL locking brake system
Original instruction/maintenance binder
AVL Loom bench
Value is $4694 at AVL current catalogue prices.
I will sell all for $2500. Pick up in McPherson, KS or contact me.

Weaving Width: 40”; 
Height: 62”; 
Overall Width: 52”; 
Front to Back: 48”  (28” folded);
Number of Harnesses: 4 (more can be added);
Weight: 250 lbs

Ann Haritatos


Weaving again!

I am finally weaving again. I took an intro lesson in Saori weaving in Santa Cruz, CA, and I love it!! So this is my first attempt on my own to weave in the Saori way. This is 100% wool from Brown Sheep Wool. It's finished and but I just have not photographed it yet. I will post the finished scarf soon. 
I love weaving in the Saori way!
(This was taken with a flash, and the colors look a bit different.)


what's on one of my looms...

Here's what's on one of my looms as of February. (It's not February anymore? Where did it go?) I thought this would make a dandy Valentine's Day scarf. Unfortunately, I got sidetracked, and it's not much farther today than in in this photo. I did get it tied onto the apron bar. It's Brown Sheep Wool brand yarns from my stash. I was going to experiment with a weft or wefts of one of these colors. It will get done eventually. I've been working more hours at my two part-time jobs and really "getting into" sketching and "My Daily Tree" sketches...


handwoven ornaments

I had fun playing with my antique "Loomette" loom. It's interesting to see how various yarn textures and varigated yarns work as the strand winds back and forth.

After taking this photo (above), I wet-finished it, which made it "snug-up" and more stable.

There is an error on this one (above) because I missed a peg, so I'll redo it.


more mugrugs...

Here's what I have been up to the last couple of days. They are for a friend's shop. Fun to do!


more handwoven bookmarks

Just finished a new group of handwoven bookmarks mounted on cards. The new ones are on slightly smaller cards that just fit into legal-size envelopes, which are included. The bookmark can be removed from the card by simply untying the ties. Light-colored paper inside provides a place to write a message.


first sample off-loom bookmark

My first sample bookmark for an off-loom weaving class for high school students. This was woven on a frame loom made of 14" x 14" stretcher bars. Still not sure if knotting the fringe or hemstitching is the best way to finish it off. It's fun to try different yarn combinations and the sky is the limit here.


Weaving off-loom bookmark samples for a 3-hour weaving workshop for high school kids. It's been years since I've taught anybody anything! Very interesting!


bookmark cards

I weave them one by one.

They can be sent as a card and hung on the wall.
Or the bookmarks can easily be detached from the card
and hold your place in a book.


finished the shawl last week

I finished the shawl last Tuesday. The weft, about 9 p.p.i., is Henry's Attic "Queen Anne's Lace." The warp is about 11 different yarns from my stash. I might go back and twist the fringe. Right now, it is in the gallery of the Visual Arts Alliance of McPherson.


still weaving that shawl

I'm still weaving that shawl, but I've been sidetracked a lot. Will post photos soon.


another shawl in the works

Finally, I began another shawl last weekend...


I attached my handwoven bookmarks to cards, which can be mailed in a business-sized envelope. The bookmarks are easily detached. Three have already sold at the Visual Arts Alliance of McPherson gallery. I'm eager to make a few more.



shawl #1 is finished...

Shawl #1 is finished and on display
at the Visual Arts Alliance of McPherson gallery
with a necklace by Susan Shepard.

Just before I cut it off the loom


The winding on...

I kept the warp chains separate as I wound on...

It was very slow.

I ran out of packing paper for the warp on the back beam,
so I used red Christmas wrapping paper,
which seemed to work OK last time.
Finally, the multi-texture shawl warp is wound on the loom.
All set to begin weaving, but first,
need to choose the weft.


Tying on...

Tying on 11 different yarns of the new shawl warp, 32 ends of each, onto the tiny ends of what's left of the old shawl warp, then pulling the new warp ends through the reed.

Separate warp chains for each of the 11 different yarns


still working on warps

Last weekend I finished winding the scarf warp, and now I'm working on a shawl warp using 11 different yarns from my stash. I love texture and variety, and this will have lots of both. Texture and variety, like Life.


just for fun...

Just for fun, here is my fuzzy mug rug.

Needed to finish off a group of mug rugs so that I could warp this loom with scarves. The other mug rugs from this group are pretty normal. It was fun to try a weft I had never considered before...


new warps in the works...

I'm working out some new warps for shawls and scarves. No photos yet. Has it really been that long since my last post? Where did August go?


pin weaving

Last Saturday, I finally tried something that I've been curious about: pin weaving!


Been weaving...

Been weaving, but no photos yet. Coming soon.


collage fun

A small collage I did today in Andrea Fuhrman's Mixed Media Workshop, sponsored by the Visual Arts Alliance of McPherson. It was so much fun!
Here's another bigger one:

"Weekly Routine"