at the VAAM Gallery

The VAAM Gallery Holiday Gift Show is open. Here are a few images of the weavings I have there...

My scarves are displayed with lovely jewelry by Susan Shepard and a beatifully crafted teddy bear by Glorice Schafer.

Nestled between pottery by Wayne Conyers and Leanne Kilmer is my set of linen, silk, cotton, rayon "luxury" mugrugs to cushion a drink.

Below, another display with Wayne Conyers' mugs and bowl and my fiber landscape, "Country Road" and mugrugs...

Detail shots of mugrugs

Linen, cotton, rayon

Wool and cotton

All cotton

My second cotton and linen shawl displayed with a gorgeous pearl, shell, and silver necklace by Susan Shepard. My big thrill last weekend—someone purchased the first shawl.

Desk-top Mobiles: "Finding Balance" series

above, "inner strength"

below, "mystic moment"


coming up for air

I'm finally coming up for air (a little) after the busy month of October, when everything took place in one month. One of the highlights of the month was Susan Shepard's Fiber Workshop on October 25. We experimented with cord-making (fast and easy!), working with "solvy," hot-fix angelina, layering, burning/distressing, and needle-felting. I'm not ready to show what I made yet—needs more work. My horizons were definitely broadened! Now I know what to do with all the tiny snips, short pieces, samples, and thrums I've saved for the past 20+ years! ...not to mention beads and other stuff (proper term is "embellishments") I've accumulated. I'm also eager to try transitioning parts of my weavings into other forms.